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If you suffer from arthritis or damage to your cartilage, PRP treatments from BeauxMD may be ideal for you. PRP (platelet-rich plasma) treatments harness the body’s own natural healing properties in order to correct damaged cartilage, tendons, ligaments, muscles, and bones.

How Does PRP Treatment for Joints Work?

PRP therapy for joints utilizes your body’s own plasma to help relieve pain and improve joint function, as well as slow down, stop, or even correct damage to cartilage.

Human plasma contains platelets, which are responsible for clotting the blood when we get wounded. When these concentrated platelets are extracted and then injected into damaged areas of the body, the healing process is sped up.

The platelets work by:

  • Slowing down the growth of arthritis
  • Stimulating the creation of new cartilage
  • Halting inflammation 
  • Increasing lubrication fluid in the joint, which eases joint friction
  • Altering the patient’s pain receptors 

What Happens During a PRP Joint Therapy Treatment?

During a PRP joint therapy treatment, the patient’s blood will be centrifuged. We will draw blood from a vein, then it will be placed in a centrifuge. It will then be spun at a very high speed, which causes the blood to separate into red blood cells and “platelet-poor” plasma (plasma with a low concentration of platelets).

Dr. Barstad will then remove the vial from the centrifuge and prepare the PRP solution to inject into the problem area. By doing this, the platelets release growth factors from your own body, which naturally heal tissue. The result is improved function, reduced pain, and improved activity for the patient. 

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What Conditions Can PRP Joint Therapy Improve?

PRP for joints can address many common conditions of the joints that are very painful, including:

  • Tendonosis
  • Tennis or golfer’s elbow
  • Hamstring strain
  • MCL sprains
  • Osteoarthritis 
  • Rheumatoid arthritis 
  • Tendonitis (rotator cuff, patellar, Achilles, etc.)

PRP joint therapy from BeauxMD can halt the pain and can sometimes even heal the problem altogether. After the injection, the healing growth factors begin to work immediately, and are released over the course of ten days. The full results should be realized in 2-6 weeks. 

PRP joint therapy essentially jump starts the healing process and regulates inflammation, which helps to control joint pain.  

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Who Makes a Good Candidate for PRP for Joints?

While many athletes suffer from joint problems and pain, anyone with a degenerated or injured joint or tendon is a good candidate for PRP joint therapy. During your consultation with us, we will go over your questions, concerns, and history to determine if this therapy is right for you. 

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One of the most amazing things about PRP joint therapy is that it’s not a narcotic or an anti-inflammatory pharmaceutical. It’s a procedure that uses your own healing powers to repair your body, and that is something we love at BeauxMD. 

Located in historic downtown McKinney, Texas, we are a physician owned and operated medical spa. If you’re suffering from joint pain, we would love to see you to discuss how we can help. Please contact us to find out more.

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