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Dr. Barstad attended medical school at Texas Tech Health Sciences Center in Lubbock TX.  He completed his residency in the specialty of Family Medicine at The University of Texas Health Sciences Center at Tyler in 2013. In addition to his medical education, he holds a Masters degree in Public Health from Texas A&M which was preceded by a Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Sciences from A&M as well.  None of the above would have been possible without the gracious and selfless support of his precious wife.

Personal Note from Dr. B:

Today is beautiful, now is a gift.  There is a promise of tomorrow but the dawn of that day may not be the sun rise in the east that blankets the living in light. And this life, as we know it, travels an unpredictable tide, ebbing and flowing with moments of serenity and moments of violent surging and every form of sea in between. With each sunrise we steer our ship. Each with the choice of how to navigate the water; some to the instruments of their own understanding, some adrift to the ways of the wind.  I have chosen to go where another leads.  I am a bond-servant at the wheel.  I follow the stars as He has laid them out and in the tempest I will call His name aloud. He is my compass, He is my true north, my life a vessel that must follow where He goes, the Captain of my ship.

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