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Lip Augmentation Treatments from BeauxMD

When you choose BeauxMD for lip augmentation treatment, you can expect us to listen. We will hear your specific aesthetic goals in order to get you the lips you want, with natural-looking volume and shape. 

Every lip augmentation treatment is a little different, and together we will determine which of our treatments is ideal for you. The combination of BeauxMD’s effective treatments and our expert nurses will achieve beautifully natural results.

Lip Augmentation McKinney TX

Juvéderm Ultra

Juvéderm Ultra is known as the very best Juvéderm product for lip augmentation. It has the ability to plump the lips without making them appear too puffy or large. Patients love having an improved look that is still natural and gives them confidence. Ultra has the same soft quality that natural lips actually have, yet it's thick enough that it doesn’t disappear too fast. Results from Juvéderm Ultra typically last 4-6 months.

Restylane Silk

Restylane Silk is the standout in the line of Restylane products for lip augmentation. It’s fantastic for enhancing the lips while still keeping the lips looking natural. The difference is subtle, but significant. Results from Restylane Silk typically last 6-8 months.

Juvéderm Volbella

As the Juvéderm product made with the thinnest and most spreadable gel, Volbella helps sculpt the lips in a soft, natural way. Juvéderm Volbella results can last for about 12 months, which delivers more longevity than most fillers.

BeauxMD Aesthetics

Botox/Dysport Lip Flip

While we all have beautiful smiles, some of us have upper lips that “pull back” when we smile or laugh, causing the top lip to almost disappear. If you have this issue and you’re interested in improving it, we offer the “lip flip” treatment, which can be administered with either Botox or Dysport.

The lip flip is a simple treatment that subtly enhances the upper lip with a few quick injections between the nose and mouth. This allows the top lip to relax and move slightly upward, causing more of the upper lip to be visible and giving it a fuller appearance. The difference is subtle but makes a significant impact.

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Why Choose BeauxMD?

We are a physician owned and operated medical spa and our focus rests heavily on the restoration and preservation of natural beauty.

If you’re considering a lip augmentation treatment and that will produce naturally beautiful results, contact us at BeauxMD and we will schedule an appointment for you. We are located in historic downtown McKinney, Texas with a top-of-the-line facility and outstanding professionally trained staff.

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